What is Globmar?

Global Marine and Offshore Resources, Inc. is engaged in many aspects of shipping but the core of its function right now is the supply of regular marine and specialized offshore personnel to world-wide clients.

Globmar as we prefer to call it for everyone’s convenience is managed by people who have extensive experiences in different marine and offshore fields. Presently having 18 vessels solely or jointly crewed, our vessels range from conventional to specialty ships. Globmar executives have manned container, reefer, log carriers, woodchips, bulk, general cargo, RoRos, Car Carriers, and tankers (Oil, Product, Petrochemicals, and LPG/LNG). On the offshore side they have manned FPSOs, FSOs, MOPUs, Supply Boats, Anchor Handling Boats, Dive Support Vessels, Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Survey Vessels, Multi-Purpose Barges, Heavy Lifts, Pipe and Cable Laying Ships, Personnel Fast Craft. Offshore experiences also include providing specialized personnel for hopper-dredgers, side-stone dumping vessels, bucket dredgers, suction dredgers, floating crane and backhoe dredgers and other state-of-the-art offshore vessels and equipments.

On the leisure side, our people have manned (some have actually worked onboard) luxury liners, passenger ships, power boats, yachts and mega-yachts.

We pride ourselves of having established close and exclusive cooperation and affiliation with highly advanced technical and engineering companies such G.U. Engineering Services, Inc., I.P.D (please refer to our Links page).

We have also exclusive tie-up with ISO certified training centers for STCW/SOLAS and other IMO-required training and upgrading courses for our crew. SIMS and IMTF training centers also provide Crisis Management Onboard Passengers and Luxury Ships and Crowd Control Management, SSOs and SSAs.

To complete the cycle of services to our clients, we have also established close affiliation with TOP ENGINEERS AND MATES (T.E.A.M.), a Review Center to prepare cadets and officers for their licensure examinations. T.E.A.M. is proud to announce that it is touted as the first modern Review Center in Asia (please refer to Link page).

At Globmar, preparation of our crew from cadetship to senior positions is of paramount importance. While others experience shortage of good and suitable officers and crew, we have the means to have someone always available.

About Us

Located in the pleasant, green and fresh surroundings of Madrigal Business Park in Ayala, Alabang, Global Marine and Offshore Resources, Inc., caters to your crewing needs of good and cost effective marine and offshore personnel.

We recognize the extreme importance of our clients' peculiar needs and we likewise recognize that only well-trained, disciplined and conscientious people will satisfy those needs. We will not be content of providing our clients with just good crew if we can supply them the better or best.

Globmar is committed to a good corporate, conscientious, balanced and objective personnel supply and service-providing entity because being so reflects our core values and recognition of God-given resources of good clients and good people.

Therefore, whatever your need is, whenever it is and wherever it is, we will be there for you!