Global Marine and Offshore Resources, Inc. is engaged in many aspects of shipping but the core of its function right now is the supply of regular marine and specialized offshore personnel to world-wide clients.

Globmar as we prefer to call it for everyone's convenience is managed by people who have extensive experiences in different marine and offshore fields. Presently having 18 vessels solely or jointly crewed, our vessels range from conventional to specialty ships. Globmar executives have manned container, reefer, log carriers, woodchips, bulk, general cargo, RoRos, Car Carriers, and tankers (Oil, Product, Petrochemicals, and LPG/LNG). On the offshore side they have manned FPSOs, FSOs, MOPUs, Supply Boats, Anchor Handling Boats, Dive Support Vessels, Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Survey Vessels, Multi-Purpose Barges, Heavy Lifts, Pipe and Cable Laying Ships, Personnel Fast Craft. (more...)


A WIDE SELECTION OF MARINE AND OFFSHORE PERSONNEL. Being in the marine and offshore service providing for a long time, the people behind were able to establish a wide-based contact with all kinds of personnel available in the market. Globmar assures you it can propose candidates for your crewing needs within a period of 1 to 5 days. Our crew retention rate is almost 100%. We take care of our clients and we also take care of our crew.

REASONABLE PERIOD OF PERSONNEL DEPLOYMENT. We can deploy personnel within the reasonable time frame requirement of our clients taking into consideration the medical condition of the hired crew and the visa protocols of the joining port.

FLEXIBLE CREW COST. Our crew rates and costs depend upon the types and trading routes of the conventional vessels and locations for the offshore vessels and units such as FPSOs, FSOs, MOPUs, dredgers, stone dumpers, etc.. We believe we are able to offer the most reasonable rates in the market. Further, we give our clients the flexibility to determine their own reasonable crew cost as long as rates and costs are within the POEA mandated regulations.



Postal Address :
7th Fllr GLC Building, T.M. Kalaw corner Mabini Sts.
Ermita, Manila, Philippines 1000

Tel. Nos.:
Admin : +632 7388200
Crewing : + 632 5367578, + 632 4740988
Acctg : + 632 5234192

Telefax :
+632 5234192

Email :
shipman@globmar.ph, crewman@globmar.ph